Who are Middlesex & Herts Conveyancing?

Middlesex & Herts Conveyancing work with specialist conveyancing law firms.

We handle conveyancing - the legal and administrative aspects of buying and selling property - for clients across Middlesex and Hertfordshire and wider afield.

Middlesex & Herts Conveyancing have cut weeks off many thousands of home moves by using the no-cost Homefile product, which is offered to sellers when their property is first marketed.

While your agents are preparing property particulars, we can instruct your law firm to prepare the Homefile. This ensures that once an offer has been accepted, the transaction is ready to proceed immediately.

The Homefile contains:

By specialising in conveyancing and only appointing carefully selected law firms to our panel, we make sure that this crucial but sometimes intricate work is handled properly - so you don’t have to worry.